Why learn English?

Learning the English language is important in today’s world. When you consider that approximately 375 million people in the world speak English as a mother tongue, an equally large number of people speak English as a second language, and around 750 million people speak English as a foreign language, English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world.

In addition over one billion people currently learn English. In fact, it is estimated that one in four people learn English as a foreign language and you could be one of them. English is the global language of communication. Businesses use English to communicate with companies from other countries and with today’s global media learning English fee could not be easier.

Also in today’s international market learning English as a second language has almost become a necessity as English is the language of communication in International Business, and International Politics. Most academic publications across a range of fields are in English. Therefore to study English, learners need to look no further than the internet or media which is dominated by the English language.

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  1. Learning Languages May Be Influenced by Genes
    Learning languages is interesting and fun, new languages can make you twist your tongue yet they can help you open doors to various possibilities and opportunities. Learning languages may be beneficial and all but have you ever wondered if it is naturally in you to learn languages? Have you ever thought whether it is inherent in you to acquire languages easily or not? Did it ever cross your mind that learning languages may be influenced by your genes?

    A study conducted by Dan Dediu and Robert Ladd at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland a couple of years ago has found that there is a possible link between a human being’s DNA and his or her ability to learn a particular set of languages. The findings could be the first sign of the subtle effect in which a person’s DNA could bias him or her in learning other languages. You might be wondering why you have difficulty in learning a particular language, well the study shows that your genes could be held responsible for it.

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